The Four Students

The Masich Internal Arts Method encourages individuals to strive for personal progress

through mastery of the art. The way one chooses to study determines how much one can

enjoy, benefit from, and advance in the practice. Learning and mastering the internal arts

requires instructor input and, as importantly, ongoing self-evaluation on the part of the student. 

The 'four students' description below is meant to aid learners and instructors in assessing

participation level in order to help guide and streamline progress.

1. New Student (Also known as a ‘Junior Student’)

A 'New Student' is one who has attended Masich Internal Arts Method classes for a short  period

of time or only intermittently.


2. Registered Student (Also known as an ‘Intermediate Student’)

A 'Registered Student' is one who has demonstrated, through time and effort, a commitment to learning and mastering The Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum and who has requested in person or in writing to become a Registered Student. Registered Students are added to a register, their progress is recorded, and they are given guidance in their training based on a periodically updated Curriculum ChecklistRequest Information about the 'Registered Student Program.'


3. Instructor Student (Also known as a ‘Senior Student’)

An 'Instructor Student' is a Registered Student that has wishes to teach curriculum from The Masich Internal Arts Method and has requested in person or in writing to become an Instructor Student. If accepted, an evaluation will take place to consider which material is appropriate for the applicant to teach and he or she will be publicly acknowledged and supported as an Instructor of The Masich Internal Arts Method. An Instructor Student's own curriculum study will continued to be monitored by way of a periodically updated Curriculum Checklist and, as well, he or she must submit a yearly summary of teaching activities. Request Information about the 'Instructor Student Program.' 


4. Indoor Student (Also known as a ‘Research Assistant’)

An 'Indoor Student' is a Registered Student or an Instructor Student who wishes to make a lifelong commitment to study, master, and propagate The Masich Internal Arts Method directly under Master Sam Masich. After having made a proper request and having gone through an evaluation period, the student, if accepted, will be publicly acknowledged as an Indoor Student (tudi) of Sam Masich and have his or her practice and teaching supported through a traditional master-disciple relationship.

Learn more about the 

Masich Internal Arts 

Indoor Student Program

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