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October 27-30

Madrid, Spain 

Taijiquan Inside and Out

with Sam Masich


Discover the relationship between the ‘outer’ and the ‘inner’ in taijiquan. In this unique four-day event, Master Sam Masich brings together martial-arts concepts from the 37 Essential Forms, The 'Wheel of Application,' Silk-Twining, and the Five Words of Self Composure. Lots of fun as we explore form and principles!



Friday/Viernes 17:30 - 20:30

Cost/Costos: €40 (curso completo incluso Viernes, Sábado, Domingo, Lunes €200)

Location: Retiro Park, Paseo de Uruguay, close to the Fallen Angel Statue

               Parque del Retiro. Paseo de Uruguay, entre el Ángel Caído y la Rosaleda

Contact: Javier Arnanz +34 647 69 79 52

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