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Materials for Course Participants

This page contains links to handouts and videos from the 2021 Taijiquan Core Principles Master Class (level one) on ZOOM 

Taijiquan Core Principles are descriptions of the essential criteria for practice based on natural laws governing human structure, movement, and function. They are trainable concepts meant to be integrated into any and all taijiquan solo and partner practices. Core-principles exercises can be used in form-practice sessions as warmups or they can be trained independently. One’s experience of the art is enhanced when one practices according to taijiquan core principles.


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Taijiquan Core Principles Master Class: Level One, Session One

Session One (April 24/21) 

Structure and Alignment

In this first session, we look at four topics: 

1. Joints and Segments 

2. The Five Words of Self Composure

3. How to stand

4. How to sink down and stand up

Session Two (May 8/21)

Stances and Transitions

In this second session, we look at five topics: 

1. Stance 

2. The hip-track

3. Stance types

4. Properties of stance

5. Transitions

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Upcoming Sessions


Session Three (May 22/21)

Yin & Yang

Reference materials in progress


Session Four (June 12/21)

The Four Square Energies

Reference materials in progress