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January 14, 2024

Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island, Canada 

Sensing Hands & Sensing More

Partner Work and the Yijing

The Chinese character jue means ‘to sense.’ Jue combines the ideas of ‘learning’ (𦥯 xue) and ‘perceiving’ (見 jian).  During this one-day, hands-on workshop we will study ‘sensing-hands,’ the ‘five sensing energies,’ and the ‘five sensing-hands operations.’


Continuing the theme of ‘sensing,’ we will also explore the ‘Change Classic’ or (Yijing; I Ching) which has informed people of Asian lands for more than two thousand years. We will explore hexagram selection, ‘Yijing Focusing’ and do a New Year's reading!

Practical Yijing Reading Beads (made by Sam) will be available. 

Read Sam's Substack article on Practical Yijing Reading Beads

Times: 10am-5:30pm (with a ‘co-op’ lunch)
Cost: $75 ($140 including Yijing Reading Beads)
          Cash or eTransfer:
Location: 462 Point Ideal Drive, Lake Cowichan, B.C., Canada, V0R 2G0 
Contact: Sam +1-250-883-2121

Make it known well in advance if you need accommodation.

Only $40 per night as compared to regular AirB&Chi rates:

Sam's AirB&Chi (lowerSam's AirB&Chi (upper


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