November 11-13

México City, Mexico

Going Deep with the 5 Words of Self-Composure

with Sam Masich


On Friday evening, we will learn and review the basic framework of the ‘5 Words of Self-Composure’ at a basic level. Throughout Saturday and Sunday we will unpack the 5 Words and explore how they can be used in other areas such as qigong, taiji forms, push-hands, martial arts application, etc. This workshop will help you go deeper into all areas of the internal arts.

Times: Friday 10.00-17.30 daily (13.00-15.00 break)

Cost: ????

Location: Huayamilpas Ecological Park (Close to the Aztec Stadium and Nezahualpilli train station)

Contact: Ricardo Buenaventura +1-250-883-2121 EMAIL

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May 21 & June 25 ZOOM Master Class Sessions

Taijiquan Yin-Yang Silk Twining (level-1a)

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