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The Yang-style Taijiquan Program
Yang-shi Taijiquan 揚式太極拳

Yanira and Sam Masich teach a full curriculum of traditional Yang-style Taijiquan. 

The Masich Internal Arts Method Traditional Yang-style Taijiquan Program approaches

this great body of work in a way that makes it attainable for dedicated taijiquan players.


Rooted in an eighty-five year, multi-generational lineage inherited by Sam Masich, this

highly integrated curriculum features many elements rarely seen today. Keeping these

practices alive and passing them to future generations is a privilege and responsibility.

To follow is an overview of the Masich Internal Arts Method Yang-style Taijiquan Program.


Preparation Training
Foundation and preparation methods (Chubufangfa 初步方法)
  • Yang-style Taijiquan ‘eight-section brocade’ (Yang-shi taijiquan baduanjin 楊式太極拳八段錦)

  • Taijiquan flexibility, conditioning and power training (taiji gongli 太極功力)

  • Seated neigong (zuo neigong 坐内功)

    • Placing breath method (qixi luodian huxifa 氣息落點呼吸法)

    • Pre and post-heaven heng-ha qi circulation breathing method (xiantian houtian heng-ha qizhou huxifa 先天後天哼哈氣周之呼吸法)

Barehand Training

Taiji ‘long-boxing’ (Taiji Changquan 太極長拳)

  • 37 essential ‘single form’ training methods (sanshiqi danshi lianfa 三十七單式練法) 

  • 108 movement taiji ‘long-boxing,’ solo bare-hand form (yibaibashi taiji changquan taolu 一百八式太極長拳套路)


Taiji push-hands (Taiji Tuishou 太極推手)

  • Sensing-hands (jueshou 覺手)    

  • Eight disc-framed fixed-step push-hands (bapan jiazi dingbu tuishou 八盤架子定步推手)

  • Four-squares push-hands (sizheng tuishou 四正推手). Fixed-step (dingbu 定步) and moving-step (huobu 活步)

  • Four-squares push-hands eight reversals (sizheng tuishou ba diandao 四正推手八顛倒)

  • Four-corners push-hands (siyu tuishou 四隅推手)—also known as ‘Large-rollback’ (dalü 大履)

Taiji sparring (Taiji Sanshou 太極散手)

  • 88 movement taiji ‘sparring’ form (bashibashi taiji sanshou 八十八楊式太極散手)

  • Yang Chengfu’s 37 essential form applications (Yang-Chengfu sanshiqi danshi lianfa 楊澄甫的三十七單式練法)

  • Taiji linking fist methods (taiji lianhuan quanfa 太極连环拳法)

Apparatus Training

Taiji dagger (Taiji Jiandao 太極尖刀) 

  • Thirteen-powers solo taiji dagger form (shisanshi taijijiandao 十三勢太極尖刀)

  • Four-squares push-dagger (sizheng tuishou 四正推尖刀)

  • Four-corners push-dagger (siyu tuishou 四隅推手)

  • Thirteen-powers solo taiji dagger (shisanshi taijijiandao 十三勢太極尖刀) (solo & partner training)


Taiji sabre (Taijidao 太極刀)

  • Thirteen-powers solo taiji sabre form (shisanshi taijidao 十三勢太極刀)

  • 32 movement solo taiji sabre form (sanshi'er shi taijidao 三十二式太極刀)

  • Taiji sabre applications form (taijidaofa shiyong lianxi 太極刀法实用练习) 

  • Thirteen-powers taiji sabre (shisanshi  taijidao 十三勢太極刀) (solo & partner training)


Taiji straight-sword (Taijijian 太極劍)

  • 54 movement taiji straight-sword solo form (wushisi shi taijijian 五十四式太極劍)

  • Sensing-sword (juejian 覺劍)

  • Thirteen-powers taiji sword (shisanshi taijijian 十三勢太極劍) (solo & partner training)


Taiji spear and halberd (Taijiqiang/Taijiiji 太極劍/太極戟)

  • Thirteen-powers taiji spear (shisanshi taijiqiang 太極十三勢槍) (solo and partner training)

  • Three methods of taiji halberd (taijiji sanfa 太極戟三法) (solo and partner training)

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