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Arranging a Masich Internal Arts Seminar


Perhaps you've looked at the calendar and thought, "I'd love to take that workshop but its too far

away," or, "it's not at the right time for me." Why wait for opportunities when you could be creating

them? Sam Masich travels around the world working with groups of varying skill levels

studying a wide range of internal-arts themes in events that are usually four-days long or longer.

Masich Internal Arts seminars are educational, fun, and easy to organize. With dozens of seminar

topics to choose from, it is possible for participants with a wide range of experience to study and train

together. Themes can be combined and modified to meet the needs of your internal-arts project.

Some seminars groups in North America and Europe have stayed together for decades working

with The Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum. Formats include four-day workshops, small-group

and private lessons, and special intensives.

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