Private, Small Group & Online Study


Many students have experienced accelerated progress from private and small-group sessions. The opportunity for

hands-on correction and direct feedback can be invaluable in reaching higher skill levels. Yanira and Sam offer private

lessons in their Masich Internal Arts Studio in Berlin, Germany and may be scheduled when they are on tour in

your area. 

Private study groups

Larger groups can also book Sam or Yanira for closed seminars or guidance sessions. Lesson topic, format and

schedule can be tailored to meet your group's needs. Sam or Yanira will occasionally travel to teach small group

closed sessions—so talk to your study-buddies and put something together!

Request information here about lesson availability and to structure a private or semi-private program catered to

your training needs and budget. 

Private & small group lesson guide with tips, arrangements, and fees. 

Sam and Yanira offer ‘online private lessons.’ With so many ways to communicate there is no reason to let physical location be a barrier to learning.