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November 10-12 (Friday-Sunday)

Conference Nov. 10 Friday 

Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), Italy

Masters Gianfranco Pace & Sam Masich
Chen & Yang: A Picture of Taijiquan In Two Frames

Different but with so much in common, Chen-style and Yang-style Taijiquan have been studied by countless practitioners through many generations. Join Masters Pace and Masich and see the art through two different lenses. On Saturday, we explore the Chen and Yang approaches to ‘Silk Twining Training’ (Chansigong). Sunday, we will dive into traditional Chen and Yang-style Push Hands.

Times/Ore: CONFERENZA: Palafenderl, via S.Gottardo 91, Friday/Venerdì 20.00

                     Saturday/Sabato 16.00-20.00

                     Sunday/Domenica 9.00-13.00

Location: Vittorio Veneto (Treviso),

                  Palestra, via A.Maschietto, Vittorio Veneto (TV)

Cost: TBA

Contact: TBA

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