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3. Thirteen-power Taijiquan Complete Method

Shisanshi Taijiquan 十三勢太極拳

The shisan shi or ‘thirteen powers’ and accompanying theory are regarded as the energetic and conceptual

core of taijiquan training. How the theory is interpreted affects every aspect of the art including its philosophy,

methodology, practices and values. Taijiquan masters have long considered the shisan shi to be the wellspring

of the many stylistic variations of the art, as well as the universal key to unlocking its secrets. The Masich

Internal Arts Method employs the thirteen powers ‘four-square,’ ‘four-diagonal,’ ‘five-phase,’ (‘4-4-5’) structure

in every aspect of the Yang-style Taijiquan curriculum, including bare-hand (quan 拳), dagger (jiandao 尖刀), 

sabre (dao 刀), sword (jian 劍), and spear (qiang 槍).


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