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2. The 5 Section Taijiquan Program

Wuduan Taijiquan 五段太極拳

Forms and practices from 5 Section Taijiquan Program have been adopted by taijiquan schools around

the world. This modular program has been designed to meet the needs of contemporary recreational 

taijiquan groups and to prepare committed students for traditional full-curriculum taijiquan training. 

Practitioners trained with 5 Section Taijiquan forms, connection work and principles training are well

prepared for the more rigorous intensity of traditional taijiquan programs which are focused more intensely 

on martial-arts training and self-cultivation. Mastering the basics of taijiquan via the Wuduan Taijiquan

Program can accelerate overall taijiquan development by many years. The Masich Internal Arts Method

employs the 5 Section Taijiquan Program as preparation for traditional Yang-style Taijiquan and other

internal martial arts.


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