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Affiliated Instructors & Schools


The Masich Internal Arts Method is taught internationally by Master Sam Masich at 

workshops, private and small-group lessons, regular classes, and online sessions. 

The work is also available through 'Affiliated Instructors' and 'Affiliated Schools.' 

Instructors and groups that make use of material from the MIAM curriculum can become 

'affiliated.' There are no registration or membership fees for becoming affiliated

as an instructor or as a school. The aim is good-willed sharing!

Affiliated Instructor

An Affiliated Instructor is someone who has a strong focus on curriculum from the Masich Internal Arts Method in their teaching. Any MIAM Instructor Student can apply to be recognized as an Affiliated Instructor and receive support in various forms from Masich Internal Arts. Instructors do not need to have a fixed location. 

Affiliated Schools

Affiliated Schools have a strong focus on curriculum from the Masich Internal Arts Method. A school can apply to be recognized as an Affiliate School if it has at least one MIAM Affiliated Instructor involved in its program. Affiliated Schools may request to receive guidance in long-term programming from Sam Masich.


Register as a MIAM

Affiliate Instructor or School.

PLEASE NOTE: To be accepted as a MIAM Affiliate Instructor, you must be a MIAM Instructor Student.

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