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Berlin, Germany 

August 21-24


12th Annual Berlin Push Hands Camp

The 25 Energies of Taijiquan #5

with Sam Masich


Taijiquan is expressed through various prearranged forms and practices but fundamentally it is an art of 'energies' (jin). An important aspect of traditional Yang-style Taijiquan is the study of the twenty-five energies identified in early taijiquan literature as ‘sticking,’ ‘listening,’ 'understanding,’ ‘receiving,’ ‘neutralizing,’ ‘enticing,’ ‘seizing,’ ‘issuing,’ ‘borrowing,’ ‘opening,’ ‘closing,’ ‘rising,' ‘sinking,' ‘peng,’ ‘lü,’ 'ji,’ ‘an,’ ‘cai,’ ‘lie,’ ‘zhou,’ ‘kao,’ ‘long,’ ‘intercepting,’ ‘drilling,’ and ‘soaring-empty.’ These are fundamental to the way taijiquan moves and interacts.


This week we will re-examine the first twenty-one of these energies as a form of review and continue with the last four energies of the series. 


Due to COVID-19 concerns, this summer's work will be done at a ‘social distance.’ Although we will studying push-hands concepts, the practices will be solo or with an implement (unless otherwise allowed by legal safety guidelines). Also, due to COVID-19 concerns, the number of participants staying in the Masich home will be limited so you may have to arrange alternate housing for the events. Please contact for info.

Times:    10.00-17.30 daily (13.00-15.00 break)

Cost:      €450 (To reserve your place, please send a non-refundable deposit of €150 by August 1)

              €850 for Berlin Push Hands Camp + Taiji Weapons Intensive together


Location: Erich-Muellerstr. 12 Berlin, Lichtenberg (Rummelsburger Bucht), 10317

Contact:   Sam Masich +49 (0)170 5538096


Bank Transfer Information: 

Name: Samuel Masich

Bank: Commerz Bank

Account/Konto: 0447113100

IBAN: DE89 1008 0000 0447 1131 00

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