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May 3-5 (Friday-Sunday)

Invorio, Italy

Yang Baduanjin meets 37 Essential Forms

plus+ Introduction to the Yijing

with Sam Masich


In this Saturday/Sunday workshop we will continue to explore at the Yang-style Taiji Baduanjin in the context of the 37 Essential Forms and martial applications. An amazing opportunity to connect neigong inner-work with taijiquan forms work and to understand martial-arts applications from the perspective of qigong.

On Friday evening Sam will introduce the study of the Book of Changes,’ or Yijing (I Ching), which has informed people of Asian lands for more than two thousand years. Yijing Reading Beads will be available at workshop!

Times: Sat/Sun 10.00-17.30 daily (13.00-15.00 break)

             Friday 19.00-21:30 

Cost: Full weekend €175 (Single day €95)

          Friday evening €40

Location: TBA

Contact: Chiara Vendettuoli  +39 3389965638

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