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7. Deep-sticking method based on 'sensing-hands' (jue-shou)

In the early stages of push-hands study the martial aspects do not come into play in an overt manner.

Instead, a prerequisite understanding of zhan-nian jin (adhere-stick energy) must be developed in order to

achieve deep-sticking mastery. ‘Sticking energy’ makes possible the ability to 'listen' (ting), 'comprehend' (dong), 

'receive' (zuo), and ‘transform’ or ‘neutralize’ energy (hua). This allows one to ‘sense energy’ and sets the

conditions for the study of taijiquan as a martial art. Push-hands at this stage is better described as 

‘sensing-hands’ (jue-shou) and is concerned with how to make and maintain contact, how to find proper

structure through relaxation, and how to appropriately generate movement while adapting to the movement

of another person. Sensing-hands provides the platform for more distinct martial studies regarding the

neutralization of hostile force and issuing of power.


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