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May 12-15

Gatineau, Canada

37 Essential Forms

with Sam Masich


Sam is returning to Gatineau!

During this four-day event we will look at how the '37 Essential Forms' have been employed by traditional taijiquan masters for generations. We will learn about the forms and their families and apply the 37 to solo and partner work including 5 Section Taijiquan and the 108 Yang Form. A 'don't-miss' event!

Plus! A Friday-evening event. The Taijiquan Ten Essential Points (Taijiquan Shiyao 太極拳⼗要) were first delineated by the famous Yang Chengfu (楊澄甫). On this evening Sam will show us how to apply this knowledge to the practice of our Taiji forms.

Times: Friday-Monday 10am-5:30pm (1-3pm break)

            Friday evening class 7-9:30pm

Cost: All four days: $375 (Single day $100)

          Friday evening class $50

Location: Centre de tai chi Gilles-Vaillant

109, rue Wright - local 110, Gatineau, Quebec (Édifice Jules-Desbiens) MAP

Contact: Denis Bosse (819) 243-4211 email

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