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July 13-19, 2019
Masich Internal Arts Full Curriculum Week

2019 Full Curriculum Week
During Full Curriculum Week we will gather up videos of demonstrations from our

students from around the world to put up on our 2017 Full Curriculum Week

YouTube Channel for the whole community to share. This year, you can see students

from México, Canada, USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland

and England showing their stuff!

Every year, make a little progress!
Each year, between July 13-19, we will celebrate our practice of 5 Section Taijiquan,

Yang-style Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan by gathering examples for every part

of the Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum.


Inspired by the vision of Master Jou Tsung Hwa our goal is to do better, more interesting demos each year and, over time, witness our progress. As well, we are creating a reference library for students of the Masich Internal Arts Method.

2019 MIA Full Week graphic 2 .png

You can shoot  your video in any format that works for you—anything from single-shot camera on tripod or multi-camera edited. It’s up to you. Indoor, outdoor, performance uniform or t-shirts—all are okay. If you want to add music go ahead. We will add titles and credits.


The video must be submitted between July 13-19, 2017

Contact Yanira to see what demos are needed or to suggest something
you and your group might like to contribute.
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