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July 14-21

Tai Chi Caledonia 2023

with Sam Masich


I'm very pleased to attend and instruct at Tai Chi Caledonia again this year! There are usually excellent instructors at this event and this provides an opportunity for expanding our ideas and gaining new inspirations. Here are descriptions of my classes:

Weekend classes

Saturday (11:45am) 5 Words of Self Composure; (4pm) Sensing Hands 

Sunday (3pm) 21 Movement 'Strengthen Body, Mobilize Qi'

Week Long class

B1 Four Hands Sizheng Tuishou & Moving Step Push Hands
“When practising the gestures of ‘Thirteen Powers Boxing’, the body, mind and qi are all nourished. In order to advance further, one must learn each of the energies: ‘listening’, ‘comprehending’, ‘sticking’ and ‘issuing’. These cannot be achieved without (studying) push-hands.”

For more information and to register go to the Tai Chi Caledonia website

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