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September 13-15

Vancouver, Canada 

Core Push hands

'One-to-Eight' Fixed-step Push-hands

with Sam Masich

The bapan jiazi dingbu tuishou, also known as the '1-8,' is a series of traditional foundation exercises for Yang-style Taijiquan push-hands. Like a good coach, the 1-8 lead students progressively, step-by-step, into comprehension and skillfulness.


The importance of these exercises was impressed upon me by my first teacher Brien Gallagher who, in turn, learned them from Master Raymond Chung, under whom Brien studied for over fifty years. Master Chung emphasized the importance of the study of the 'one-to-eight', as he called them, to the point of suggesting it was unlikely that one could acquire any significant level of mastery in traditional push-hands without first grasping these drills. It is not surprising that Master Chung, Brien and other students of the 8 Disc method would adhere so strongly to this philosophy considering the stress past masters placed on the subject. 

Times: 10am to 5:30pm daily (noon-2pm break)

Cost: $300 CDN (or $125 single day)

Location: South End of Trout Lake in John Hendry Park (Outdoors)

Contact: Michael Blackburn +1 (778) 228-3500 email

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