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Materials for Course Participants

This page contains links to handouts and videos from the

Yin-Yang Silk Twining Training (level-1a)

Discover one of Taijiquan's core methods in 90 minute ZOOM sessions with Master Sam Masich

Session One (May. 21/22) 

Same-side Arm Exercises

In this session, we look at four topics: 

1. What is ‘silk twining?’
2. Silk twining as an independent solo practice
3. Yin-Yang Chansigong important points
4. Same-side single-arm exercises

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Yin-Yang Silk Twining Training (level-1a)



Session Two (June 25/22) 

Cross-side Arm Exercises

Core Principles Preview Videos

Missed Taijiquan Core Principles—Level 1 or 2?

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Level One

Level Two

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