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Materials for Course Participants

This page contains links to handouts and videos from the

37 Essential Forms of Taijiquan Master Class (level 2)

Discover one of Taijiquan's core methods in four 90 minute sessions with Master Sam Masich

Missed Taijiquan Core Principles—Level 1 or 2?

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Level One

Level Two

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Session One (Nov. 19) 

Lü Family and Substitution

In this first session, we look at:

1. Further History

2. 'Roll'

3. Holding Single Forms

4. Substitution: from 'form' to 'transform'

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Session Two (Dec. 3) 

Step-up Kick & Kick Families

In this second session, we look at: 

. ‘Step-up, Hit’

2. ‘Kick’

3. Common-element Substitutions

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Session Three (Dec. 17) 

Repulse Monkey & Hit Tiger Families

In this third session, we look at: 

1. 'Repulse Monkey'

2. 'Hit Tiger'

3. Single-element Substitutions

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Session Four (Jan. 7) 

Fair Maiden & Snake Families

 In this third session, we look at: 

1. 'Fair Maiden'

2. 'White Snake'

3. Stance and transition Substitutions

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