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The 37 Essential Forms of Taijiquan Master Class (level one)

Discover one of Taijiquan's core methods in four 90 minute ZOOM sessions with Master Sam Masich

1. Forms & Families                 Nov. 13

2. Peng & An Families               Dec. 4

3. Raise & Cross hands Families Dec. 18

4. Whip & Crane Families          Jan. 8 

(time 19.00 CET, 6pm BST/GMT, 1pm EST, 10am PST)

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cost for series €100 ($125US, $150CD)
payment options PayPal, Canadian bank transfer, European bank transfer
hosted by Patrick Foley of Longwater Tai Chi

Register here

Missed Taijiquan Core Principles—Level One? You can post-register and get access to all Level One reference materials.

Cost €100 ($125US, $150CDN) Post-register here

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