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Yin-Yang Silk Twining Training

(Level One, Sessions 1 & 2)

(Classes were held on May 21 & June 25, 2022)

Join Master Sam Masich for two 90 minute Zoom sessions and explore the mysterious 'Silk Twining Training' (Yin-Yang Chansigong 陰陽纏絲功) which aids in the development of internal connection, continuity and power. While chansigong practices are mainly associated with Chen-style Taijiquan, they also 'Master Keys' for unlocking the secrets of Yang and other styles of taijiquan.

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Cost: €50 ($65US, $75CD) (payment options PayPal,

Canadian bank transfer, European bank transfer)

Hosted by: Patrick Foley of Longwater Tai Chi

Dates: Session 1—May 21; Session 2—June 25, 2022

Time: 19.00 CEST, 6pm BST, 1pm EDT, 10am PDT

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