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Sept 7 & 28, Nov 16 & 30, 2024

Four 2-hour ZOOM Sessions

Yang Taiji Baduanjin

The Eight Brocade

Join Master Sam Masich for four 2-hour Zoom sessions teaching the almost-lost Yang Taiji Baduanjin from the Yang-style Taijiquan tradition. These eight extraordinary segments are perfect for those who want to go deep into the internal aspects of taijiquan.


In an introduction to his 2011 book ‘Yang-style Taiji Real Power’ (Yang-shi Taiji Zhen Gong 楊式太極真功) author Sun Yizhao explains:

Taiji Baduanjin was originally created by the Yang family as a training method for mobilizing qi and training jin (yunqi lianjin gongfa 運氣練勁功法). Like other forms of baduanjin there are eight sections but the movements are not the same. It can be distinguished by it's 'forging and smelting' (duanlian 鍛煉) of the sections and joints of the body and the strengthening of the internal organs and their way of functioning. It strengthens visceral system functioning and also contains within it a great deal of attack and defence training methods (jiji 技擊).


The Yang-style Taijiquan Baduanjin was originally an indoor family neigong of the Yang family—a secret weapon of sorts. It can be seen variously as a good solid warmup and strength and flexibility practice or as an essential piece of the Yang-style Taijiquan curriculum. 

This is the first time this work has been presented in online sessions. As part of your registration, you will receive access to downloadable handouts for each session and access to the recorded session for your future reference. 

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Cost: $150USD payment options PayPal, Canadian bank transfer, International (€ & £) bank transfer

Hosted by: Patrick Foley of Longwater Tai Chi

Dates: Session 1: Sep 7

            Session 2: Sep 28

            Session 3: Nov 16

            Session 4: Nov 30

Time: 19.00 CEST, 6pm BST, 1pm EDT, 10am PDT

Watch this overview video from Sam's class on the Yang-style Taiji Baduanjin Filmed in Shandong, China in 2016. 14,500 views!

Brocade examples_edited.jpg

Examples of the Yang-style Taiji Baduanjin

from various Chinese publications.

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