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8. Bygone practices   

As taijiquan evolves, new methods develop. Sometimes in the course of this development practices that are still of value become replaced or are discarded. The Masich Internal Arts Method Traditional Yang-style Taijiquan Full Curriculum includes several important, but nearly forgotten practices, including:

  • Yang-style Taijiquan ‘eight-section brocade’

  • Pre and post-heaven heng-ha qi circulation breathing method

  • 37 essential ‘single form’ training methods

  • Eight disc-framed fixed-step push-hands

  • ‘Four-corners’ large-rollback’ variations and extensions

  • Taiji 'linking-fists'

  • 88 movement taiji ‘sparring’ form

  •  Yang Chengfu’s 37 Essential Forms

  • 32 movement solo taiji sabre form

  •  Taiji sabre applications form

  • Taiji spear

  • Taiji halberd

  • Thirteen-power method of bare-hand, sabre, straight-sword and spear


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