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Vancouver, Canada

July 27-30

3rd Vancouver Summer Taiji Weapons Camp: Thirteen Power Taiji Dagger & Taiji Linking-fists

Taiji Lianhuanquanfa 太極连环拳法 • Taiji Jiandao 太極尖刀


In this unique four-day event we will alternate between the two very different but related subjects—13 Power Taijijiandao, the dagger, and Taiji Lianhuanquan, linking-fists. Following the traditional taijiquan thirteen-power theory, the taiji dagger (taijijiandao) creates a bridge between bare-hand training and traditional weapons work.

A dagger differs from a knife in that it has no sharp cutting edge—only a point. Study of the taijijiandao includes solo and partner work that follows the same 'four-square, four-diagonal, five-phase' format found in the thirteen-power approach to taijiquan, taijidao, taijijian and taijiqiang.

Past generation masters practiced linking-fist (lianhuanquan) methods as a preparation for push-hands training. Linking-fist exercises are part of the study of 'hitting hands' (dashou) which builds directly on pushing-hands (tuishou) skills. The training is dynamic yet safe and will bring your understanding of taijiquan to a whole new level. Past generation masters practiced linking fist (lianhuanquan) methods as a preparation for push-hands training.


Please bring a wooden or plastic dagger/knife.


About the Vancouver Summer Taiji Weapons Intensive

This four-day event is the third in a series of summer workshops dedicated to the the study of taiji weapons: taijidao (sabre), taijijian (straight-sword), taijiqiang (spear) and taijiji (halberd).


Upon completion of the full course students will receive a certificate acknowledging the training.

Times:     Fri. 7-9:30pm Sat/Sun. 10am to 6 pm
Cost:       $650 (Early Bird: $600 if registered by May 15)
              Push Hands Camp + Taiji Weapons Camp together $1200 ($1100 if registered by May 15 )
              $200 nonrefundable deposit* by May 15 ($400 both camps)

Location: TROUT LAKE (We will meet at the south end of Trout Lake, just south of the beach. Trout Lake is centrally located in East Vancouver,

              just two blocks east of Commercial Drive. You can get there by SkyTrain (Commercial Station) or by several bus-routes, including

              the 99 B-line from UBC.
Contact:  Michael Blackburn           


              (778) 228-3500

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