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Self-care and the Yijing

Part  two

The Yijing and Meditation:

The Change Classic or Book of Changes (Yijing or I Ching) is one of the ‘Thirteen Classics of Confucious’ (十三經). As a literary work, the Yijing is rich in content and it has informed people of Asian lands for more than two thousand years. Organized by a series of symbols called ‘hexagrams’ (gua 卦), the Yijing is now used throughout the world as a divinatory tool, usually as an aid to decision making.


This series of workshops will focus on how to use the Yijing as a tool in self-care, in meditation, and in taijiquan practice. Using the Richard Wilhelm translation as a basis, we will explore the symbols, concepts, and potential of the Book of Changes with an eye toward making it relevant in your daily life.


This session will be an ideal counter-balance to the holiday-season frenzy! We will delve into the relationships between mind and body, the life-cycle and the eight-trigrams, and how the Yijing relates to meditation practice, especially the ‘Breath Placement Method.’ By the end of the weekend, participants will have a method for deepening self-care through meditation that both supports taijiquan practice and aids in understanding the Yijing. Winter is the ideal time for contemplation and meditation. It is not necessary for participation to have attended part one.


Chinese 'Elegant Evening' Friday Dec 15, 2017

On the Friday night before each of the Yijing weekend events we will have an ‘Chinese Elegant Evening’ with themes that include Chinese poetry, tea, music, philosophy, language, history, and maybe a bit of acupuncture! 

These community-building evenings are by donation.


Next in the series:

• Part three

The Yijing, Taijiquan and Yangsheng April 14-15, 2018 

Times:    Friday 19.00-21.00 / Sat. Sun 10.00-17.30 (13.00-15.00 break)
Cost:       cost: 150€

Location: Berlin Studio. Erich-Muellerstr. 12 Berlin, Lichtenberg (Rummelsburger Bucht)
Contact:   Yanira Masich

              +49 (0)171 1105866


Bank Transfer Information: 
Name: Samuel Masich
Bank: Commerz Bank
Account/Konto: 0447113100
IBAN: DE89 1008 0000 0447 1131 00

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