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Brighton, England

November 10-12

Thirteen Power Taiji Dagger + Yang Baduanjin Review


Over the past two years we have studied the eight sections of the Yang Taiji Baduanjin. On Friday evening we will do a follow-along review of the entire Yang Baduanjin. If you haven't learned any or all of the sequence you can still come and follow.

Section One Peng and An

Section Two 21 Form Neigong

Section Three The Waist and Spine

Section Four The Arms

Section Five The Legs

Section Six Zhan Zhuang

Section Seven Fajin and Chansijin

Section Eight Caituigong


Saturday & Sunday: 

A dagger differs from a knife in that it has no sharp cutting edge—only a point. Following the traditional taijiquan thirteen-power theory, the taiji dagger (taijijiandao) creates a bridge between bare-hand training and traditional weapons work. Study of the thirteen-power taijijiandao includes solo and partner work and follows the ‘4-4-5’ format essential to taijiquan, taijidao, taijijian and taijiqiang.


Please bring a wooden or plastic dagger/knife.

Times:     Fri. 6-9pm. Sat/Sun 10:30am-5:30pm
Cost:       Full weekend £165. Sat/Sun only £135. Fri. only £35

Location: Middle Street Primary, Middle Street, Brighton (The entrance gate is the tall green one opposite Oasis on Middle Street.
Contact:  Simon or Cher Robins 

              07825 410967 / 01903 369501 

              Tai Chi Wisdom

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