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Invorio, Lago Maggiore, Italy

November 17-19

Taiji Four-hands Eight-changes #2 + Five-section Neigong

Sizheng Tuishou Ba Diandao 四正推手八顛倒 • Wuduan Taijiquan Wuduanjin 太極拳五段锦


Master the traditional Yang-style Taijiquan Push-hands Full Curriculum! 


Friday evening: Five-section Brocade (Neigong)

This 20 minute long, five part neigong routine brings together the Five Words of Self-composure with taijiquan core-principles and can function as a warm-up or cool-down for your taijiquan practice. In this class we will go deeper into greater depth with this internal practice.

The five sections of the Five Words Brocade are designed to progressively loosen up and energize the practitioner, preparing her or him for taijiquan practice. They are: Section 1. The Spine; Section 2. The Arms; Section 3. The Legs. Section 4. The Energies; Section 5. Five Words Neigong.    


Saturday & Sunday: Four-hands Changes 
'Four-hands' practice, also known as peng, lu, ji, an, provides the foundation for a solid understanding of the taijiquan theory. Each of these the reversals changes the direction of the circle allowing players to operate the four-hands exercise smoothly and creatively. The reversals also hold the key to many of taijiquan's martial applications. This weekend we continue the study of the eight reversals (ba diandao) of the 'Four-square Push-hands' (sizheng tuishou) with a greater emphasis on martial application.


The Eight Reversals

  1. Summit Reversal

  2. Substitute Spiral Reversal

  3. Rowing Reversal

  4. Sitting Wrist Reversal

  5. Hinder Spiral Reversal

  6. Lower-hand Slip Reversal

  7. Chop Reversal

  8. Folding Palm Reversal

Times:      Friday 19:00- 21:30 Saturday/Sunday 10:00 - 17:30
Cost:        Full weekend €220 (€185 se confermato entro il 1 marzo con acconto di €100—€185 if confirmed before March 1st with

               a €100 deposit).

               Saturday/Sunday only €195. (€165 se confermato entro il 1 marzo con acconto di €100—€185 if confirmed before March 1st

               with a €100 deposit)

               Friday night only €35.

Location:  Via Vergante 49 (between Lago Maggiore and Lago d'Orta)
Contact:    Francesco Cerrato 


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