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4. Indoor Student
(Also known as a 'Research Assistant')

Some students, after having learned many aspects of the art, feel ready to dedicate themselves

to full mastery. Achieving the essence of the internal martial arts requires full disclosure from

the instructor to the student, usually in the context of a formal master-disciple relationship.


The master-disciple tradition exists to ensure the continuation of a body of knowledge and

the passing on of a wisdom tradition. When an instructor accepts the pupil as an 'indoor

student' (tudi 徒弟), usually during an ‘honouring ceremony’ (baishi 拜師), the student

is considered to have ‘entered the door’ and is now a disciple of the master (shifu 師傅).

Becoming an indoor student of Master Sam Masich requires that one submit a formal

application and undergo an evaluation process. To apply one must request the guidance

and a personal recommendation from an already accepted Indoor Student.


'The Curious Five'

Annual Tudi Week—July 13-19 ​​(Annually)

On July 13, 2016, in an early morning private 'honouring ceremony' on the verdant

mountainside of Daqingshan Mountain in Shandong, China, Sam Masich accepted his first

five 'Indoor Students.' On July 19, a second discipleship ceremony for was held publicly at

the Daqingshan International Hotel. Hosted by Professor Tim Stanley and witnessed by other

Masich Internal Arts Method students, and members of the Daqingshan community, the

formal announcement of the 'Masich Internal Arts Method' was also made.

Tudi Week is a once-per-year seven-day observance of our neijiaquan practices and traditions intended to encourage practitioners to contemplate their own path toward mastery, reflect on the efforts made by past masters within our tradition, and consider the example set by the indoor students. Tudi Week can be observed through individual practice and contemplation or through the organizing of special events. Practitioners will have a forum to share their experiences, ideas, and encouragement.

Meet the Indoor Students of the 

Masich Internal Arts Method

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