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October 10 (Monday)

Invorio, Italy

Introduction to Yin-Yang Silk Twining

with Sam Masich


Explore the mysterious 'Silk Twining Training' (Yin-Yang Chansigong 陰陽纏絲功) which aids in the development of internal connection, continuity and power. While chansigong practices are mainly associated with Chen-style Taijiquan, they also 'Master Keys' for unlocking the secrets of Yang and other styles of taijiquan. Sam is sharing this work for the first time publicly in Italy.

Times: 10.00-14:30 (no lunchtime break)

Cost: Monday only €50 (Full weekend €275. Monday only €50)

Location: TBA

Contact: Chiara Vendettuoli  +39 3389965638

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