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Gatineau, PQ, Canada

May 22-24

Pathways Through The Curriculum

The Sky & Earth Paths (review) ☰ ☷

The Fire & Water Paths, The Lake & Mountain Paths ☲ ☵ ☱ ☶

Wuji-Taiji-Bagua (level 1) 無極-太極-八卦

with Master Sam Masich 

Individual forms and exercises, like precious jewels, possess the wisdom and experience of the past masters of the art. The curriculum is filled with rich masterpieces of choreography bound together as a work of art and a vessel of principle. But what of the threads that bind these riches together?


In this three-day 'Pathways' workshop, we explore traditional Yang-style Taijiquan barehand and weapons concepts and weave together the tapestry of taijiquan.

Note: Friday is a full-day session from 10am to 5:30pm

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