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Foundations of Traditional Taijiquan

Core Concepts and Full Curriculum  

Testimonials for 'Foundations'


After forty years of study, Sam Masich has achieved what I consider to be a substantial and impressive level of depth and understanding in taijiquan. Now, it is his turn to share what he has discovered through his personal experiences over the past few decades. I sincerely believe Foundations of Traditional Taijiquan will become a guide for practitioners of all internal styles.

—Yang Jwing Ming, Ph.D., author of Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Volume One: Tai Chi Theory and Tai Chi Jing and Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Volume Two: Martial Applications.


A hybrid of encyclopedic dictionary, textbook, and martial arts memoir, Foundations of Traditional Taijiquan could be the one-stop reference and teaching tool that teachers and students of taijiquan have been waiting for.

—Douglas Wile, Ph.D., Professor of Chinese Language and Literature, Brooklyn College, author of Lost T’ai-chi Classics of the Late Ch’ing Dynasty.

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