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Madrid, Spain

August 11-14

The 11th Annual Madrid Push Hands Camp (Four Day Camp)

Dashou and Dalü


Past generation masters practiced linking fist (lianhuanquan) methods as a preparation for push-hands training. This exciting four-day event will integrate 'hitting-hands' (dashou) with the diagonal-energy based 'big-rolling' push-hands training (dalü).


Using traditional and progressive push-hands methods and 'linking-fist' (lianhuanquan) exercises as a basis will help to bring your push-hands up to the level of meaningful self defense. The training is dynamic yet safe and will bring your understanding of taijiquan to a whole new level. We will TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!

Madrid is a fun and dynamic city! Puerta del Sol, the Reina Sofia Museum and of course tapas!

Times:     De 10 a 18:30
Cost:       € 375 ó € 350 para reservas confirmadas antes del 15 de junio

Location: Escuela Superior Serrato Calle Almansa 47,28039 Madrid, España (Zona Cuatro Caminos)
Contact:   Javier Arnanz

              (+34) 647 69 79 52


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