Brighton, UK

January 24-26

Traditional Yang-style Taijiquan Push Hands Curriculum #2 楊式太極推手

Eight disc-framed fixed-step push-hands (The ‘1-8')


with Sam Masich

In this second part workshop we will finish the 'Eight Disc-framed Fixed-step Push-hands' (Ba Pan Jia Zi Dingbu Tuishou 八盤架子定步推手) also known as the '1-to-8'.


These eight 'flat-disc' methods are the foundation exercises with in the ​Traditional Yang-style Taijiquan Push Hands Curriculum 楊式太極推手 which make possible a clear, principled approach to more advanced traditional drills.

Upon completion of the full Traditional Yang-style Taijiquan Push Hands Curriculum students will receive a certificate acknowledging the training.

Times:     Fri. 6-9pm. Sat/Sun 10:00am-5:30pm
Cost:       Full weekend £185. Sat/Sun only £155. Fri. only £40

              If paid before Jan. 30: Full weekend £175. Sat/Sun only £145. Fri. only £35.
Location: Middle Street Primary, Middle Street, Brighton (The entrance gate is the tall green

              one opposite Oasis on Middle Street.)
Contact:   Simon Robins 

               07825 410967 / 01903 369501


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