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Vancouver, Canada

July 26-29 (Four Day Camp)

Push Hands Camp II

Applications of the 37 Essential Forms of Yang Chengfu

Four Days of Partner Training!

with Sam Masich


We continue our study of traditional Yang-style Taijiquan push-hands, principles, and application through the study of the ‘37 Essential Forms of Taijiquan.’ In his 1931 book, 'Taijiquan Method and Application' Master Yang Chengfu (1883-1936) described thirty-seven core forms. After listing all the forms within the long form he states, "The full sequence is comprised entirely of thirty-seven distinct forms,” and says that these are essential to an understanding of Yang-style Taijiquan and it’s martial application. In these four days we will study Yang Chengfu's 37 Essential Forms method as well as the progressive method for 37 Forms study developed by Sam over decades.

Times:     10am-5:30pm
Cost:       $650 / Push Hands Camp I & II together $1050

Location: TROUT LAKE (We will meet at the south end of Trout Lake, just south of the beach. Trout Lake is centrally located in East Vancouver,

              just two blocks east of Commercial Drive. You can get there by SkyTrain (Commercial Station) or by several bus-routes, including

              the 99 B-line from UBC.
Contact:   Michael Blackburn 


              (778) 228-3500 

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