JOIN Yanira and Sam Masich on their taijiquan and internal arts journeys around the world! DISCOVER the unique features of The Masich Internal Arts Method. 

Upcoming 2020 Seminars

Taiji People 太極人

by Sam Masich

'Taiji People' looks through the eyes of ordinary folks and superstar masters who weave taiji philosophy and practice into their daily lives. 
Next Episode (S01E03) Dec. 1, 2020 on Masich Internal Arts on YouTube


Masich Internal Arts Registered Students

During these uncertain times, online interaction has become more important than ever before. Staying in touch with teachers, classmates, and taiji friends has become difficult as classes, gatherings, and workshops are cancelled as we face virus-related health concerns. Becoming a Masich Internal Arts Method 'Registered Student' can help you in touch and moving forward in your practice.

Should I become a MIAM Registered Student?
If half or most of your internal arts training is based on Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum, you can benefit from becoming a 'Registered Student.'

The process is free-of-charge and there are no costs if you are accepted.
To find out more and to apply

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