Master Sam Masich
Master Sam Masich

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Taijiji (Halberd) 太極戟
Taijiji (Halberd) 太極戟

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Baguazhang & Xingyiquan
Baguazhang & Xingyiquan

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Master Sam Masich
Master Sam Masich

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My first coach—and still the best I have ever known—my father Tom Masich, passed away on Sept. 18 at age 86. He inspired his community with his volunteer service, to the  point that the local stadium was renamed for him as a sign of appreciation for his contributions. His half-century involvement in athletics and youth development reverberates in the lives of thousands.

Dad red and blue

If I possess, in any small way, decency and kindness as a human being, skill at coaching, or curiosity for life, it is because these qualities were passed to me by my father. I once invited Dad to give a talk at one of my 5 Section Taijiquan Intensives. In reference to taiji push-hands, Dad said,

‘Touching passes knowledge electronically

through the high-tension wire.’

He taught by deed and example. He followed his heart. He inspired until he expired. Here, is a wonderful article about Dad contributed by my brother Bill Masich. And another interview with me about Dad.

A tribute to Dad a couple years ago for his work with the UNBC Timberwolves Women's Basketball team.

EuroMex Tour—Autumn 2022

Study with Master Sam Masich in

Italy, Spain, United Kingdom,

Germany & México

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Tour PDF

Sam gives an overview of the EuroMexTour • Autumn 2022

Did you know? It is still possible to POST-REGISTER for the 

Yin-Yang Silk Twining Training (Level-1, Sessions 1 & 2)

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ZOOM Sessions (May 21 & June 25)

Masich Internal Arts Registered Students

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In 1987, Sam Masich released the first-ever push-hands instructional video (the Push Hands Video Manual). Since then, thousands of students the world over have learned from his educational programs. Taijiquan players wearing Sam's famous t-shirt designs have logged tens of thousands of hours of practice!

Stay tuned as the MIAM digital store expands to include new and classic instructional programs, training clothing, and more!

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In-Residence Study with Sam Masich

It is now possible to study with Sam in-residence in Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada! The residence has full amenities and can accommodate several students.

Arrange your time based on the available schedule and decide with Sam the subject of your study.


Masich Internal Arts on YouTube

At Masich Internal Arts on YouTube, you'll find inspiring and educational videos galore! Playlists include the 'Sam Masich—Demo Scrapbook,' 'MIAM Lessons & Examples,' and even 'Sam Masich Music' videos. In the 2017 & 2019 'Masich Internal Arts Full Curriculum Week' playlists, students from around the world demonstrate the entire Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum.

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