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Details on the following Sam Masich workshops:

March 15-17    México City, México      

March 5-7        Vancouver, Canada         

May 10-13       Gatineau, Canada

June 1             ZOOM Session (FREE)

August 10-13    Winchester, United Kingdom   

August 15-18    Winchester, United Kingdom

August 23-26    Lake Cowichan, Canada 

Aug. 28-Sept 1  Lake Cowichan, Canada 

Autumn ZOOM  Yang-style Taiji Baduanjin           

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Foundations of Traditional Taijiquan: Core Concepts and Full Curriculum is now available for order. These are limited first-edition hardcover copies!

Order your copy now!

VIDEO: Sam gives an overview of Foundations of Traditional Taijiquan

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In-Residence Study with Sam Masich

It is now possible to study with Sam in-residence in Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada! The residence is five-star AirBnB quality with full amenities, Sam's extensive internal arts reasearch library and can accommodate several students. Arrange your time based on the available schedule and decide with Sam the subject of your study.

Personal Retreat

for Study & Rejuvenation

Come to Sam's Air B-n-Chi in Lake in Cowichan, BC, Canada 

World-class book and electronic library; Wander lovely trails, practice in beautiful river and lake locations, kayak, cycle, meditate and rejuvenate!


In 1987, Sam Masich released the first-ever push-hands instructional video (the Push Hands Video Manual). Since then, thousands of students the world over have learned from his educational programs. Taijiquan players wearing Sam's famous t-shirt designs have logged tens of thousands of hours of practice!

Stay tuned as the MIAM digital store expands to include new and classic instructional programs, training clothing, and more!

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Masich Internal Arts on YouTube

At Masich Internal Arts on YouTube, you'll find inspiring and educational videos galore! Playlists include 'Taiji is Life,' the 'Sam Masich—Demo Scrapbook,' 'MIAM Lessons & Examples,' and even 'Sam Masich Music' videos. In the 2017 & 2019 'Masich Internal Arts Full Curriculum Week' playlists, students from around the world demonstrate the entire Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum.

Video below! 

Four-hands Reversals

Sam in German!

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