Master Sam Masich
Master Sam Masich

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Taijiji (Halberd) 太極戟
Taijiji (Halberd) 太極戟

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Baguazhang & Xingyiquan
Baguazhang & Xingyiquan

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Master Sam Masich
Master Sam Masich

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2021 Masich Internal Arts Events Calendar

Here are some of this year's in-person and online events


Nov/Dec/Jan '22—ZOOM
37 Essential Forms of Taijiquan (Level One)

Four Session Master Class

Online Seminar

Missed Taijiquan Core Principles—Levels 1 & 2?

You can post-register and get access to all Level One and Two reference materials.

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Sam Masich—Demo Scrapbook Playlist

Featuring some of his most inspiring demos from the past 40+ years, Sam gives internal arts performances with the likes of Liang Shouyu, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Chung Jen Chang, and others!

Masich Internal Arts on YouTube

At Masich Internal Arts on YouTube, you'll find inspiring and educational videos galore! Playlists include the 'Sam Masich—Demo Scrapbook,' 'MIAM Lessons & Examples,' and even 'Sam Masich Music' videos. In the 2017 & 2019 'Masich Internal Arts Full Curriculum Week' playlists, students from around the world demonstrate the entire Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum.

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Saminar Format Change

For decades, students from around the world have enjoyed Sam's weekend-workshops on the internal arts. In order to deepen the transmission of the arts, Sam will now only offer four day or longer seminars.

Masich Internal Arts seminars are educational, fun, and easy to organize. With dozens of seminar topics to choose from, it is possible for participants with a wide range of experience to study and train together.

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Since 1987, when Sam Masich released the first-ever commercially available push-hands instructional video (the Push Hands Video Manual (vol. 1), thousands of students the world over have learned from his video tapes, DVDs, and audio cassette recordings. Taijiquan players wearing Sam's famous t-shirt designs have logged tens of thousands of hours of practice while making notes in their MIA custom-made workbooks.

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Taiji People 太極人

by Sam Masich

Tired of taijiquan in silk suits with bamboo flutes? Join Sam Masich on his multi-episode internal martial-arts adventure journey. 'Taiji People' looks through the eyes of ordinary folks and superstar masters who weave taiji philosophy and practice into their daily lives. Filmed during a 23,000-kilometre road trip in 2002, Masich's road-movie series reveals an alternative subculture that is ardent, arcane and awe-inspiring! 'Taiji People' episodes will begin airing June 1, 2020 on the Masich Internal Arts YouTube Channel.

Masich Internal Arts on YouTube

Masich Internal Arts Registered Students

During these uncertain times, online interaction has become more important than ever before. Becoming a Masich Internal Arts Method 'Registered Student' can help you in touch and moving forward in your practice.

Should I become a MIAM Registered Student?
If half or most of your internal arts training is based on Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum, you can benefit from becoming a 'Registered Student.'

The process is free-of-charge and there are no costs if you are accepted.
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