Sam Tiger Wudang
Sam Tiger Wudang

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5 Section Taijiquan
5 Section Taijiquan

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Baishi (Indoor Student Acceptance)
Baishi (Indoor Student Acceptance)

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Sam Tiger Wudang
Sam Tiger Wudang

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Taiji with Sam

Tuesday mornings at 10-11:15 am

at Align Yoga in Lake Cowichan

First session November 29.

Taiji with Sam

Tuesday mornings at 10-11:15 am

at Align Yoga in Lake Cowichan

First session November 29.

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Vancouver, Canada 

March 4-5

Core Push hands: Four Hands & Dalü

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Canada—August 2023

2nd Vancouver Island Taijiquan Camp

Join Sam as he presents new work exploring old traditions

Week One: Yin-yang Silk Twining in Yang 108

Directly apply chansigong training to the Yang Style 108 Long Form.

Week Two: 13 Powers Partner Work, Barehand & Dagger

Learn and apply the four-square, four-diagonal, five-phase theory 

in barehand and dagger push-hands and partner work.

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Mystery Event Announcing soon!

Block out July 1-7 on your calendar for a true

DON'T-MISS event!

You can still register for:

The 37 Essential Forms of Taijiquan

Master Class (level two)

Includes special Reference Materials page

that let's you watch the first sessions!

1. Review & Lü Family                          Nov. 19

2. Step-up, Hit & Kick Families              Dec. 3

3. Repulse Monkey & Hit Tiger Families Dec. 17

4. Turn Body & White Snake Families     Jan. 7 

(time 19.00 CET, 6pm BST/GMT, 1pm EST, 10am PST)


In-Residence Study with Sam Masich

It is now possible to study with Sam in-residence in Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada! The residence has full amenities and can accommodate several students.

Arrange your time based on the available schedule and decide with Sam the subject of your study.



In 1987, Sam Masich released the first-ever push-hands instructional video (the Push Hands Video Manual). Since then, thousands of students the world over have learned from his educational programs. Taijiquan players wearing Sam's famous t-shirt designs have logged tens of thousands of hours of practice!

Stay tuned as the MIAM digital store expands to include new and classic instructional programs, training clothing, and more!

Did you know? It is still possible to POST-REGISTER for the 

Yin-Yang Silk Twining Training (Level-1, Sessions 1 & 2)

By registering, you will have access to the materials from the classes you missed!

ZOOM Sessions (May 21 & June 25)

Masich Internal Arts Registered Students

Should I become a MIAM Registered Student?
If half or most of your internal arts training is based on Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum, you can benefit from becoming a 'Registered Student.'

The process is free-of-charge and there are no costs if you are accepted.
To find out more and to apply

Masich Internal Arts on YouTube

At Masich Internal Arts on YouTube, you'll find inspiring and educational videos galore! Playlists include the 'Sam Masich—Demo Scrapbook,' 'MIAM Lessons & Examples,' and even 'Sam Masich Music' videos. In the 2017 & 2019 'Masich Internal Arts Full Curriculum Week' playlists, students from around the world demonstrate the entire Masich Internal Arts Method curriculum.

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