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Milton, Ontario, Canada

October 20-22

13 Power Taiji Dagger + Five-section Neigong

Taiji Jiandao 太極尖刀 • Wuduan Taijiquan Wuduanjin 太極拳五段锦

Saturday/Sunday (10-6pm, lunch 1-3pm), 13 Power Taiji Dagger (Taijijiandao

Following the traditional taijiquan thirteen-power theory, the taiji dagger (taijijiandao) creates a bridge between bare-hand training and traditional weapons work. A dagger differs from a knife in that it has no sharp cutting edge—only a point. Study of the taijijiandao includes solo and partner work that follows the same 'four-square, four-diagonal, five-phase' format found in the thirteen-power approach to taijiquan, taijidao, taijijian and taijiqiang.


Please bring a wooden or plastic dagger/knife.


Friday evening, 7-9:30pm: Five-section Brocade (Neigong)
This 20 minute long, five part neigong routine brings together the Five Words of Self-composure with taijiquan core-principles and can function as a warm-up or cool-down for your taijiquan practice. In this class we will go deeper into greater depth with this internal practice.

The five sections of the Five Words Brocade are designed to progressively loosen up and energize the practitioner, preparing her or him for taijiquan practice. They are: Section 1. The Spine; Section 2. The Arms; Section 3. The Legs. Section 4. The Energies; Section 5. Five Words Neigong.  


Times:       Fri. 7-9:30pm Sat/Sun. 10am to 6 pm (lunch 1-3pm)
Cost:         Full weekend $275 (Early bird $250 payment deadline Sept. 20th. CTF members deadline Sept 27th)

                Sat/Sun $250 (Early-bird $235).

                Friday night-only 7-9:30pm $50

Location:   Friday & Sunday - Milton Tsuruoka Karate, 761 Main St. E., Unit 3, Milton ON Canada L9T 3Z3.  (There should be ample parking, across the street, at

                the GO Train station, on both Friday evening and Sunday all day.)  Saturday only - St. David's Presbyterian Church, 130 Main St. N., Campbellville ON

                Canada.  (Located just south of Hwy. 401 on Guelph Line, west side of street, rear entrance, lower level.  If you get to the railroad tracks and the Lions

                Hall, you've gone too far.  Also note that, depending on your mapping program, it may be called either Guelph Line or Main St. N.)
Contact:    Jill Heath


               (905) 467-8180

Having difficulty finding a suitable wooden dagger? 

Chuck Stratton has created some and they are available for the very reasonable price of $10.  Email him directly to reserve yours, as there is a limited amount.


Of additional interest...  As it has in the past, this seminar falls in Waste Reduction Week (16-22 Oct 2017) in Canada.  Please consider this for meals, by  bringing your own reusable water bottle, carpooling where possible, etc.  Thanks!

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