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Milton, Ontario, Canada

October 23-25

Traditional Yang-style Push Hands Curriculum
Eight disc-framed fixed-step push-hands (The '1-8')
(Bapanjiazi Tuishou 八盤架子推手)

with Javier Arnanz

1-8', are the traditional foundation exercises for Yang-style Taijiquan push-hands. Like a good coach, the 1-8 lead students progressively, step-by-step, into comprehension and skillfulness.

Javier Arnanz is from Madrid, Spain and is an 'Indoor student' (tudi 徒弟) of Master Sam Masich and the Internal Arts Method. He trains and teaches the internal arts for health, meditation and martial application.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, this workshop will respect ‘social distancing’ and mask wearing if necessary and some course content may be modified. Although we will studying partner application concepts, the practices may be undertaken as solo exercises or with an implement depending on current legal safety guidelines.

Times:       Fri. 7-9:30pm Sat/Sun. 10am to 6 pm
Cost:         Full weekend $275

                Sat/Sun $250

                Friday night-only 7-9:30pm $50

Location:   Friday & Sunday - Milton Tsuruoka Karate, 761 Main St. E., Unit 3,

                Milton ON Canada L9T 3Z3.  (There should be ample parking,

                across the street, at the GO Train station, on both Friday evening

                and Sunday all day.)  Saturday only - St. David's Presbyterian Church,

                130 Main St. N., Campbellville ON Canada.  (Located just south of Hwy. 401

                on Guelph Line, west side of street, rear entrance, lower level.  If you get to

                the railroad tracks and the Lions Hall, you've gone too far.  Also note that,

                depending on your mapping program, it may be called either Guelph Line or

                Main St. N.) Saturday only, St David's Presbyterian Church, 130 MAIN N,

                Milton, ON, Canada
Contact:    Jill Heath


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