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Join one of today’s most progressive Taijiquan traditionalists in a fusion of Chinese internal arts wellness traditions with contemporary health science.

Taiji Sea-to-Sky

This extraordinary two-week health and wellness program is designed for participants who wish to deepen their taijiquan practice while making positive strides in their personal health. Our taiji wellness journey begins at the Canada Wellness Institute (CWI) in the resort city Rizhao (日照) in Shandong province where each student will receive a personal-health evaluation. We will begin our taiji-neigong-meditation practice by the seaside in the Chen Zhonghua Taijiquan Studio. We will continue to nearby Daqingshan Taiji Resort to intensify our training, commencing early in the morning and continuing into the evening, with rests and meal breaks of delicious Chinese cuisine made from locally-farmed food products.

The Program

The Taiji Sea-to-Sky program is based on Taijiquan practices drawn from The 5 Section Taijiquan Program, traditional Yang-style Taijiquan, still and active meditation, as well as Yijing-based Chinese philosophy. Participants should be prepared for rigorous physical activity during the training.


An optional three-day Taiji sightseeing tour with Sam and Yanira Masich will take place afterward from May 5-7.

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